This is a picture of a dog I want, it has nothing to do with this post.


silhouette of boy running along a beach into the sunset
Extremely romanticised view of running that in no way reflects my personal experience

Imagine you loved cooking. You took some serious pleasure conjuring up new dishes, experimenting with flavour and technique. Now imagine you were told to put down the food mixer, you’re no Egon Ronay so what’s the point in trying? You’d laugh right? You know full well that just because you’re a no-pro it takes nothing away from the joy you get from your hobby.

Feeling lost in our locked down world might just be ok

This won’t help, honestly, just stay in

Catching up with old friends is one of the upsides of heading home

family boarding a plane, travelling with small children
The joy of travel with small, demanding passengers

Caroline Kelly

Freelance writer, runner, crochet wannabe and good egg. Writes about running, embarrassing expat moments and family life

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